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Welcome back to Coyote ChroniclesIt has been a busy summer and we're pleased to report some exciting victories and compelling news on our current campaigns.

After public outcry against the indiscriminate and cruel trapping and killing of coyotes in the City of Calabasas, California by a county trapper, the City temporarily suspended the killing pending further review!

We need your help to make this moratorium permanent. Please sign our petition here.

At the national level, we are excited to announce that Congresswoman Nita Lowey of New York has reintroduced the Refuge from Cruel Trapping Act which would prohibit the use of body-gripping traps within our National Wildlife Refuge System.

Read on... and thank you for your support of Project Coyote. We would not be able to do this important work without your help.
For North America's Song Dog,
Camilla H. Fox
Executive Director

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Temporary Victory Declared for Coyotes in the City of Calabasas!
Help Make Trapping Ban Permanent

Marc Bekoff

Meet Dr. Marc Bekoff - PhD
Project Coyote Science Advisor

Internationally renowned animal ethologist, canid expert, author, and speaker

Support Federal Bill to Ban Cruel Traps in National Wildlife Refuges

On July 13th the City of Calabasas announced a moratorium on further coyote killing after citizens went before the City Council urging the City to stop trapping coyotes in cruel and indiscriminate traps. 
Empowered with information and resources from Project Coyote, residents showed the Council that indiscriminate trapping of coyotes is not an effective or humane solution to reducing real or perceived conflicts between people, coyotes, and domestic animals.  
The City of Calabasas’ Environmental Commission is reviewing the issue and will make a recommendation to the City Council on how to proceed.  
YOUR VOICE IS NEEDED! Please sign our petition to the Environmental Commission

Read more....

Coyotes Seen as Friends, Not Enemies

Coyote Traps in Urban Area Cause Concern

How to Coexist with Coyotes

Marc Bekoff is a former Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and co-founder with Jane Goodall of Ethologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. John HarrisonMarc also works closely with the Roots & Shoots program of the Jane Goodall Institute. He has won many awards for his scientific research including the Exemplar Award from the Animal Behavior Society and a Guggenheim Fellowship.

Marc is a prolific writer with more than 200 articles and three encyclopedias to his credit. The author or editor of numerous books, including Coyotes: Biology, Behavior, and Management, The Animal Manifesto: Six Reasons for Expanding our Compassionate Footprint, The Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior, and The Encyclopedia of Human-Animal Relationships.

Read more about Marc and other Project Coyote team members here
Congresswoman Nita Lowey (D-NY) reintroduced legislation to ban the use of body-gripping traps within National Wildlife Refuges. The Refuge from Cruel Trapping Act, H.R. 2657, is intended to help restore the original intent of the refuge system to provide a safe haven for wildlife.

"The use of steel jaw leg-hold traps and other barbaric mechanisms has no place in National Wildlife Refuges or other public lands," said Congresswoman Lowey. "Body-gripping traps are cruel and inhumane, and it is time to end this brutal practice once and for all."

Every year thousands of animals are trapped on National Wildlife Refuges including coyotes, bobcats, otters, fox, wolves, and beavers—often for “recreation” and profit (fur). Animals may suffer for hours or days — struggling to free themselves from the pain.

H.R. 2657, the Refuge from Cruel Trapping Act, will ban these wildlife landmines helping to ensure that our National Wildlife Refuge System remains a true sanctuary for wildlife.

We need your help to ban these brutal devices from our National Wildlife Refuge System!

Click here to take action
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paw_gold Summer is pup rearing season

paw_gold Coyotes can travel speeds up to 40 miles per hour

paw_gold Coyotes have excellent hearing and can hear mice under deep snow, or thick grass

paw_gold In most states, coyotes can be killed year-round in unlimited numbers

paw_goldCoyote packs have highly defined territories that they scent mark and defend, which helps keeps their populations stable

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Education the Key to Peaceful Coexistence

How to Coexist with Coyotes

Coyote Choruses ~ No Cause for Concern

Camilla Fox talks about the War Against Predators and Living with Wildlife on Animal Wise Radio

Marc Bekoff talks about Living with Coyotes & Compassionate Conservation on Animal Wise Radio

 Animals Journal 

Integrating Values & Ethics into Wildlife Policy & Management ~ Lessons from North America

Co-auhored by Project Coyote's Camilla Fox and Dr. Marc Bekoff, this peer reviewed paper addresses the "need to make room for wolves and other native carnivores who are re-colonizing areas from which they were extirpated" and argues that "values and ethics must be woven into wildlife policy and management" and that "we must be willing to ask difficult ethical questions and learn from past mistakes."

Read full article here...

"We have a choice to use the gift of our lives to make the world a better place.”

~ Dr. Jane Goodall

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