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Welcome back to Coyote ChroniclesWe have a busy and exciting year ahead advocating for science-based solutions to human-wildlife conflicts, promoting humane legislation, and helping communities successfully coexist with coyotes and other wildlife.

We're pleased to report about a collaborative victory in Arcadia, California: a cruel coyote snaring program has been stopped after tremendous grassroots pressure. We're also very excited to introduce Chris Schadler as our New England Representative. Chris is a well known conservation biologist and wild canid expert who has been educating and advocating for wolves and coyotes throughout the Northeast. Her article about Eastern coyotes was the front cover feature of a recent edition of the respected New Hampshire Fish and Game Journal

Also in this issue, we're asking for your help to stop Indiana from sanctioning a barbaric practice of putting wild-caught coyotes and foxes into enclosures and siccing hunting dogs on them.  This is an unconscionable practice that you helped ban in Florida last year -- and now with your help -- we aim to end coyote/fox "penning" nationwide.

Each year we renew our drive as scientists and educators helping people and wildlife "learn to live in harmony".  We're excited about our growing network of Citizen Leaders who are helping us accomplish our mission of fostering educated coexistence and understanding about the important ecological role of coyotes and other native carnivores.  Read on... and thank you for your support of Project Coyote. We would not be able to do this important work without your help.
For North America's Song Dog,
Camilla H. Fox
Executive Director

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VICTORY!  The city council of Arcadia, CA votes unanimously to end cruel coyote snaring
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Meet Chris Schadler - M.S.
Canid expert, conservation biologist, and educator
joins Project Coyote

INDIANA may sanction
sadistic coyote/fox "penning"

Concerned residents of San Gabriel Valley, California contacted Project Coyote and partners for assistance in stopping an expensive and inhumane program to kill coyotes.  After learning of the city’s $30K annual contract with a private wildlife removal firm which employs wire neck snares and has killed 20 coyotes to date, local residents  gathered more than 1,000 signatures calling on the city council to end its contract with Animal Pest Management Services. They encouraged the city to instead focus on long-term educational outreach as other municipalities and counties have done including Marin County, Denver, and Vancouver, B.C. Project Coyote has offered its assistance to the community and public outreach has begun.

With grassroots perseverence, the Arcadia City Council said "yes" to education. Read more about this victory for coyotes...

Chris Schadler is a wild canid ecologist who has studied the natural recovery of the gray_wolfGray Wolf in the Great Lakes States.  For 10 years she taught both Conservation and Wolf Ecology at the University of New Hampshire while tending sheep on a farm in Kensington. Her farm attracted the attention of Eastern coyotes, turning her attention to studying this fascinating animal. Chris understands the important ecological role of wild canids and their use of our changing landscape and how management policies affect coyote population dynamics, dispersal patterns, and interactions with returning wolves from Canada.

We are excited to welcome Chris Schadler as our New England Representative & Wild Canid Ecologist. Read more about Chris and our other Project Coyote team members on our website.
Unfortunately, after proposing rules to outlaw the practice in March of last year, the Indiana Natural Resources Commission is now proposing to legalize coyote/fox hunting pens – as a direct result of pressure from the National Rifle Association and other pro-penning organizations. Now more than ever, we need your help to stop Indiana from legalizing this blood “sport”.

In our last Coyote Chronicles, we reported that the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission voted unanimously to permanently ban cruel pens after public pressure, media exposure, and a multi-state undercover investigation that led to the arrest of 12 people and the issuance of 46 citations for various violations.  We need your help to help end this barbaric practice in Indiana while the public comment period is still open!

Your voice matters: Click here to speak up for coyotes and foxes  in Indiana.  Thank you!
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paw_gold Winter is courtship season.

paw_gold Coyotes can mate for life.

paw_gold You may see and hear them more often during winter and fall.

paw_gold It is not uncommon for a coyote to be more curious about your dog during breeding season.

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UK Wolf Conservation Trust features Project Coyote's
Executive Director discussing


Read a feature article in Wolf Print magazine about Camilla Fox's presentation at the first ever conference about Compassion in Conservation, held at Oxford University. Read on...



Discover the fascinating Eastern coyote, as published in the New Hampshire Fish & Wildlife Journal and written  by Project Coyote New England Rep., Chris Schadler.

"...the ultimate success story in the wild canid (dog) world. They are generalists, meaning they are extremely adaptable about where they live or what they eat, and they thrive on change."   Read on...

"Nothing will be well until we learn to live in harmony with the power of the world as it lives and moves and does its work.”

~Chief Black Elk

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